Auto Battery Disconnect


The many computers and computer-controlled operations found in contemporary light trucks and cars frequently require disconnecting a towed vehicle's battery to prevent its being drained. That's because, as soon as the towed vehicle's wheels start rolling down the highway, its computers kick in and start processing information about its status--drawing their energy from the vehicle's battery. Popular dinghy vehicles like newer Jeep Wrangler and Liberty models can have their batteries drained in less than two hours if they're not disconnected. Having to pop the hood and disconnect the battery every time you tow can be cumbersome, especially in inclement weather. And, let's face it, motorhome owners already have enough to do before setting out without this extra chore. An innovative solution to this was introduced at Louisville by Vancouver, WA - based Roadmaster, Inc. As its name implies, the Automatic Battery Disconnect automatically disconnects the battery for towing. Since it shuts down all power to the towed vehicle, there is no need to pull fuses - oftentimes required for flat-towing vehicles like the Saturn Vue, Ion, Aura and Chevrolet Malibu. The kit also provides a small charge current to the battery (without overcharging it) to prevent supplemental brake systems or other aftermarket accessories from draining it. The Automatic Battery Disconnect's marine-grade, high-amperage solenoid and contacts provide 200 amp constant duty--four times the capacity of most solenoids--white it's 600 amp surge capacity and silver contacts ensure peace-of-mind battery starting power.