Portable Brake System


Works in most towed vehicles with power brakes. Activates only when the motorhome brake lights, no false braking. Connects and disconnects from the towed vehicle in just a minute or two. Includes an LED motorhome monitor for a visual reference of braking activity. Includes an emergency break away system. Automatically protects the towed vehicle's brakes, the 9700 releases pressure after an extended period of braking, then activates the next time the motorhome's brakes are applied. Audible alert at motorhome indicates extended braking. Easily transfer from one towed vehicle to another, without expensive labor fees, initial installation is typically under an hour, depending on the vehicles. Recovers quicker, the 9700 is ready for the next stop nearly twice as fast as other systems with small air compressors. Adjustable brake pedal clamp fits pedals that other systems can't. Does not accumulate water in the reservoir tank, unlike other systems, so no puddles on the carpet! Four independent adjustable feet, for a stable platform in vehicles with uneven floors. Meets U.S. and Canadian braking requirements.