Sideout Kover II w/ Def, 138-141", White


The SideOut Kover II is a great-looking, top-performing slideout cover. It installs into an awning rail mounted just above your slideout. A spring loaded roller mounts to the slideout so when your slideout moves, your SideOut Kover II unrolls. Accommodates extensions up to 42 inches. Bracket assemblies are extruded aluminum finished in white. Endcaps and hardware are white. Fabric is heavy-duty white vinyl. The SideOut Kover II features a full length aluminum wind deflector that prevents any billowing while you are traveling without having to use locks.

SideOut Kover II with deflector includes roller, wind deflector, awning rail and white hardware Roof size range: 138"-141" Flange size range: 143"-146" Fabric width: 145"